Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Itś November

Time flies. I have a feeling that September was just yesterday. Just yesterday Elis started to walk.

Now my baby is two years old and itś already November.

October seemed to last a second and itś over.

So, what did we do during October?

Most important to me is that we decided to postpone kindergarten. My loving heart just wants her to be with me. 

We have such a fun together.

So happy that our auntie lives so close to us now. Very happy that she has a cat!

Elis had a birthday few days ago. She is 2 now. My little baby is a big girl now!

I have not made a lot of progress in my crafts.
Most things I had not finished a month ago, are still not finished.

 October was all babypink and -blue to us.
Want to put them away and find some smoother colors for November.

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